A Day in Google Cloud Summit 2019

September 7, 2019

Here I just want to share a little bit of my experience when attending Google Cloud Summit 2019 on last Thursday at JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Sure it was a fun experience to have especially when i'm attending it with bunch of college from Vidio Ops team. I Do come late and need to be on Waiting List on Walk-in-Registration, but it come out fine, still got my ticket in XD

Not much to talk on pre-events, since i spend my whole time waiting for the waiting list, but it's good enough since the organizer providing us with free Coffee on the lobby so i don't have complaint about that, yes, i'm cheap.

Fast forward on 10:30 AM, don't quote me on that, i don't remember the exact time LOL, they're letting us enter the hall for the Key Note hearing. We're picking the far left of the hall for our sitting and start updating Instagram post,stories etc from that time forward, because, heck yeah 😂

Tim Synan delivering his speech on KeyNote session

Our Key Note started with Tim Synan speech on Google Cloud Growth especially on Southeast Asia region, ofc since he's the Regional Director for Google Cloud Southeast Asia, And on Google Cloud future plan on Indonesia.

As what you already heard, Google Cloud are planing to have their own Data Center in Indonesia for the 2020. Surely it was good to hear for most Google Cloud customer here in Indonesia and definetly looking forwad for it. And Hope it can come cheaper~

After some other speech by Tim and Rudiantara (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology), we get introduced With some of Google Cloud services and or product with some demo with it and some use case that their "customer" have on stage (though part of it more like a promotion for their "customer"). Even so it was really interesting to see how all this company using Google Cloud services on their ecosystem. That's Google for you.

Break Time on 3rd Floor

On Break time, it's time to decided what track i wan't to see. But to be honest, i don't know what i want to pick. Every track on every timeline just interest me so bad. From Infrastructure Topic, AI and even Development, just want to visit all of them. But in the End, I end up speending most of the Track session on Infrastructure and Ai Topics.

Seeing demo, example and use case of Kubernetes, Anthos, BigQuery and AutoML service kinda pump up my inner geek to create something again, Yeah i always been like this everytime something interest me. But it fine, at least it mean i'm still motivated in a way for some thing.

With that said, kinda planning to go in depth on learning Kubernetes and some AI and ML stuff in the future, hope fully i can post some what i've learn in this blog as well. Need more motivation to write them up of course~

That kinda summary of the whole day though, if i write everything in detail, of course you'l get even bored dont you? anyway, Along side with good tracks that we have, it's also fun to meet with some old college, friends and even new people at the event. Really looking forward for another chance to go on another Event like this in the future~

For Closing here's our group photo's taken at the Photo Booth on 3rd Level on Break time, you see that guy on far left that can't pose and have a grin smile? yeah thats me~

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