I'm A Web And

Game Developer.

A Brief Introduction

Hello! :)

My Name is Rizkie Yudha Pratama, I'am Otaku who love Japanese Pop-Culture that also love to Build and create something random on his spare time.

Have been working with C/C++, Ruby, and Javascript most of the times, but i also encouraged to try and learn new things.

Recent Projects

Android App
AlterPass Password Manager

Plain simple password manager for android device. Keep them safe in an encrypted database with easy way to back them up to your favorite cloud storage.

(TBA Version 0.0.0-alpha-devel)
Mobile Games
Backyard Fortress

Build your fortress in your backyard, survive the appocalypse as long as possible. Find for supplies and Gatther survivor for your backyard fortress.

(Not Yet Available, WIP)
Nessarose Cosplay

A Personal site for Nessarose Cosplay intended for her work portofolio and merchandise store.

https://nessarose-cosplay.com/ (Work in Progress)

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