Last Night i got some freetime, but i feel kinda exhausted to do some side project and still not have any side works i’m able to do. Opening Twitch to see something good to watch and i noticed @playapex is went live, apparently ALGS is currently running right now and thats a supprise that they already go full LAN Tournament. The last time i Watch ALGS they’re still full Virtual. But since the current group play are from APAC North i don’t watch it for to long, probably just watch a good 30 minutes of it on the last few rounds.

But, even though i just watch a little bit of ALGS that night it just make me want to play it again, so i imidiately open up steam and start Downloading…..Wait the whole night to download it 😢

And playing this again seems like i missed pretty big gameplay changes other than the new Legends comming on this season. And here’s probably that most impact-full to me as players.

Firing Range is getting Massive Upgrade

As usual, i always go to firing range and when it loaded, the start point is looking very different from what i remember. Surely they’re doing some Massive Upgrade to the Firing Range.

More Space to Run arround, More Targets and Interactable action, like that line slide that let you go to other point faster like on the Broken Moon map (Zip Rails? i forgot what it called lol)

And now you have dummy running around by default, NO NEED TO DO THE RITUAL EVERYTIME!

Jump Tower on Demand

Alternatively to Heat Shiled now we’re getting the “Portable” Jump tower, that i think pretty usefull when you don’t have someone like Valk or Octane on your team, to get away fast.

its much better to see it in action, since i don’t have any video deploying it here’s some good video that do demostrate it pretty good.

Golden Knocked out Shield is No Longer have Self Revive :(

This is probably the most sad thing of the update, and i just realized it when i’m using it and get knocked in crucial moment. Instead of giving you ability for Self Revive, Golden Knocked-out shield just Give you Bonus for Health on your teamate when you’re Reviving them. just like what Golden Backpack do…

And this one is game changing for me as i relly on the self revive every time i get the item, especialy if i’m on thight spot. It help me to get some impresive clutch multiple time as well 😩😩

If you want to check more detailed update on Season 17 you can read here on Dexerto Article

Here’s some footage on my First Play after months, in case you want to watch me suffers