It’s been a long time since i played JRPG, i know that it’s not my favorite genre and usualy the one i played are titles from my favorite franchise / series, i think the last JRPG that i play is Fate Extra CCC that i played on my PSP.

It was an impulse, got bored at night, looking something to watch on YouTube and Twitch and i got stumbled into Thor (PirateSoftware) stream and he was playing Persona 3 Reload. I was watching it for a while and it was already quite far through the story. Looking at the gameplay and animation kinda intrigue me to play them. But… Checking up on Steam the price are Waayyy too high for my poor wallet.

780K IDR probably around $50 USD ish? in this economy is no way i could buy that right of the bat. And there goes my hope to play new games.

I was not thinking about it again for sometime, until i accidentaly open my Xbox Games app and guess what? it was available for Free through Xbox Game Pass. not Even think about it twice i hit that Install button and wait patiently for the download to complete.

First Impression on the Series

Keep in mind, i was never played this series before, so i don’t really know what to expect story wise. But one thing i can say is, that Prologue is perfect in my opinion. Implementation, and Delivery are just so good. NB: Just please use Japanese Dub, ENG Dub is kinda awkward right off!

On the intro, we got a little story, to be honest, i dont understand shit from it. We got scene where Yukari pointing her gun thingy to her head, and i was like “Whats wrong with her? is she Depressed or what?” and fast forward when our Main Character arrived at the train station it just dark without any explaination, “Why it’s so dark? Why there’s blood and Coffin everywhere?”. Even after we’re arrived to the dorm i still have no idea whats the things going on here. the Mysteroius kid that asking for the contract making it more ambiguos.

Going With The Flow

Even after going through for a bit, we talk with Yukari and Kirijo, i still had no idea what’s really going on and just flow with the plot they give me. but at this point i already forgot focusing on the game plot, My attention are being grabed by how Cute Yukari is and i’m sadbecause i can’t flirt with her when we’re talking about being coincidence placed at the same class while at school. such a wasted perfect opportunities 😩😩😩😩

Fast forward, we’re just doing some high schooler stuff, wake up, go to school, study, go back to dorm, sleep repeat. Now feeling like i’m playing Yandere Simulator. but the Reveal is making it really interesting. I Warn you, Spoiler Alert!

This scene alone really sold me out to play more and more of this game.

Real Question Now, am I missing out all this time?

As you probably know, the Persona 3 Reload was a remake of its 2006 title “Persona 3”, all this time i was refusing to play the series because it was soo overated and overhyped back then (and i kinda have Anti Mainstream problem at the time as well). Playing it know, i can (kinda) understand why people love this series.

Am i missing out? yeah probably, but in other way i’m glad i got into it now and probably can catch up with the series in my free times.