it’s been a long time since my last site active, shame i didn’t make any backup before everything taken down by previous host.

Starting with a new site on a new domain name, which is much more simpler than previous one isn’t it?

From this time forward, this blog will cover much more deeper than what i did before. With that say, i’m going to cover:

  1. Dev Logs from anything i currently working on, that’s including the progress of Mumei Engine and or Related with Hibikaze Studios
  2. A Tutorial or How To which mainly will cover anything related to Fedora, Web or Game Developments and probably something interesting in the future.
  3. Though or review on a service, product or etc.
  4. As usual i probably will cover something interesting from IRL events

Well, that one probably just copy pasting from what i remember from last blog ‘First Post’, but i guess that should do it.

So, i hope you’ll looking forward for it and if you do please subscribe to my mailing list if you havent yet, it should be somewhere between the sidebar or some where near the footer.