As i mention earlier, The Orange Pi One just arrived this yesterday’in a nice condition. And i was thinking it’s probably a good idea to post a quick unboxing here. This is my first ever development board i ever have, so it’s kinda exciting to actualy put my hands on it. Not that i actually planning to buy this, but thanks to Perdana Hadi aka’ceroberoz *and certain’people at the IoT Telegram groups that makes me hooked up to this board.’If you’re in Indonesia and wan’t to buy any IEM, Adruino or Mini PC kit, i highly recommend you to buy it from his (ceroberoz*) Kere Keren Store‘at BukaLapak.

Alright, before we jump to the unboxing let’s find out technical stuff about this’Orange Pi One.

What is Orange Pi One?

Quoted from its home page:

It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, Rasberry Pi Image, as well as the banana pi Image. It uses the AllWinner H3 SoC, and has 512MB DDR3 SDRAM

Powered with AllWinner H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7‘processor with H.265/HEVC 4K encoding capability, and’Mali 400MP2 GPU at 600MHz with OpenGL ES 2.0’Supports making it good enough for a small gaming device or a Multi Media server.

More detailed technical specs, visit Orange Pi One homepage.

What’s on the Kit

  1. The Orange Pi One 512MB unit
  2. 5V 2A Adaptor
  3. Orange Pi One transparent case

Quick Look on The Orange Pi one

first of all, i’m sorry for this low quality picture, since i don’t have any HD Camera around and the only one with better capture quality is my old Sony Xperia M C1905. click the picture to enlarge it.

<figure class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_140" style="width: 300px">Orange Pi One Kit<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">What’s included on the kit</figcaption></figure>’

<figure class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_141" style="width: 300px">Orange Pi One box content<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Inside the box</figcaption></figure>’

<figure class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_144" style="width: 300px">Orange Pi One top view<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Orange Pi One top view</figcaption></figure>’

<figure class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_145" style="width: 225px">Orange Pi One size comparison<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Size comparison with ID Cards</figcaption></figure>’


Considering this is my first ever board and because i’m not yet play around with it i can’t really give any though of it. Might be updated soon once i’m done playing around with it for a while later this night.