Have you ever had good idea for a project and at the time you want to start working on those ideas, you sit in front of your computer, opening your terminal windows and start creading directory for the project and you start to think, “What should i name this project?”.

Not sure foor you, or everyone else. But i always facing this 100% of the time. Well, sometimes it just take me 10 to 15 Minutes to think a good name for it, and sometimes i might think about it for days or even weeks until i find names that i really like. Not oftern this cause me to not working on the project it self because i cant find a good name for it. Silly right? and i don’t think it’s healty for me as a dev/creator.

You probably gonna say, “Just Give it Temporary name and start working on the project first”, Sure, and i do try to do that from time to time. But that feeling to want to fix the project name from the start and be able to name my project component on it righteous context based on the project name it self just to hard to resist.

Eg: Let’s say i have mobile app Project that i called “Majestic App”, when i’m creating the main component for the projects i tent to prefer naming those component as the Project Name directly (“Majestic”), instead of just calling it “Main” or just “App”. You can call me picky, but by doing it i just feel doing thinks with the component later on can be making much more sense.idk, it’s probably just my bias lol

Luckly though, with the Popularity of AI, and by AI i specificaly mean ChatGPT it self and not That Bing AI crap, we can just let them think for some recomendation for me. And i must admit, it much better compared to using some word or name generator on the internet, so i highly recommend it to you if you ever stuck when thinking for a project name ;)