Game Development for next project?

So, this what i’m thinking. As i promise on’my last post, I’will start again the Game Development series. I’m hoping it will be ready by next week or so. Not yet decide what i’m gonna make or what i’m gonna use for the series. But i will keep it simple enough so it will be easy for you to learn the most basic things. But keep in mind, i’m’not an expert on this fild. I’m just share what i’ve learn in my days of game development as a hobby.

Everyone are welcome to critize, ask, and make a correction whenever i did anythin wrong. I most appreciate i you do so.

Along with that i will also cover some (probably) Review on the Orange Pi One‘development board (since i have one coming in soon) and what i’m gonna do with it. Well, stay tunned for it.

The Updates

Now about the updates.

First! Since i recently pretty active on Telegram platforms, i’ve decide to to create my own public channel. This way you can get even most ‘Real time’ updates on what i currently working on. And i will also share some interesting stuff over there ‘that probably wont be shared through this blog.

If you have / using Telegram’s and intrested with it. Feel free to join my public channel here:

Second. I’ll probably will also ‘Port’ some of my writing on this blog that tagged as Tutorials to Sinau Dev‘as well. And as part of my contribution it will be translated to Bahasa Indonesia. so, if you’re Indonesian or atleast intrested or preffered to read my Tutorials in Bahasa. go check Sinau Dev. As Indonesia is my native language and i consist to use English form my primary site, this will be greate for both myself and the indonesian reader. While i’m starting to improve my self writing in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, the reader will also able to get the same exact resource that i share on this blog.

And now let’s just hope my first submission to them will get pass through their ‘Editorial’ teams :p

and ‘Third. I will soon have the OtakuMode section up and running on this site, Work in Progress. This mostly will contain anything related with my hobby on J-Culture in general. this decided so it will not mixed up with this main development related blogs. More updates about this will be shared through my Telegram channel